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Gisele Orellana

Gisele Orellana

Gisele Orellana

I am a freelance English-Spanish translator living in Guatemala City, Central America. I have 16 years of experience translating and editing development project documents including progress reports, proposals, studies, manuals, and promotional materials.
I worked for an international humanitarian agency for 15 years where my main role was to translate, edit and write development project documents in English and Spanish. I have experience in different fields including education, food security, health, nutrition, agriculture, water & sanitation, emergency response, disaster risk reduction, microfinance, and migration.
I have four years of English language teaching and education studies from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and script writing studies from Gotham Writers and the Academy of Film Writing.



English to Spanish Translation

If you´re looking for a translator who makes an effort to find the best context-appropriate words to convey the English message into Spanish…

An analytical person who conducts careful revisions to ensure content accuracy and a final product that is understandable and reads well in Spanish…

Look no further.

Whether it is a letter or a 300-page manual, I will put in the same effort and dedication to provide you with a high quality translation. 


Review and Analysis of Reports

I have 16 years of experience editing and translating project reports and other documents to be submitted to U.S. Government donors, foundations, and other private donors.

In my experience, donors want to read clear and succinct reports that demonstrate progress made, provide specific and complete information about a situation, clear lessons learned and concrete future action. 

If you want to ensure your report has that, I can help you identify content, coherence, and donor compliance problems and give you specific suggestions to address each problem.

Confidentiality:  I worked for an international non-profit organization for 15 years where I dealt with confidential information all the time as we worked with grants and donations from public and private donors.  You can rest assured that I will manage all the documents that I receive with the utmost discretion.  


What are people saying?

Real words from former supervisors and colleagues
  • “Gisele is a conscientious, efficient worker who takes responsibility for her work and is willing to put in the time, energy and effort to get the job done and submit quality work. She has excellent organizational skills and excellent attention to detail.”
    Lydia Dibos Senior Advisor of Hispanic Outreach, Catholic Relief Services
  • "I am consistently impressed with the quality of Gisele´s work, particularly her translation and writing skills, both in English and in Spanish. Even more important than her writing skills, however, is Gisele´s work ethic, her willingness to take on new challenges and to do the best she possibly can, always.”
    Hugh AprileDirector for Regional Agriculture and Water Initiatives for Central America, Catholic Relief Services
  • “Gisele is a person with values and human qualities; and she´s not only a translator, she is an interpreter dedicated to her work. She has translated many reports of the three projects that have been under my responsibility at CRS and she always worked hard to deliver a high quality report”
    Lucrecia López LópezYouth Program Coordinator, Catholic Relief Services, Guatemala Program
  • "I´ve known and worked with Gisele for a long time. I think she´s an excellent person and is very professional and objective in the work that she does. She did translations for me in a very responsible and prompt manner, conveying the sense of the text technically and not just literally."
    Adán Pocasangre Collazos Water and Sanitation Coordinator, Catholic Relief Services, Guatemala Program
  • Recognition to Gisele Orellana for her commitment and spirit at work, and particularly for her exceptional performance during 2015
    Paul W. TownsendCountry Representative, Catholic Relief Services, Guatemala Program
  • 2003 Employee of the Year Award






A translation does not necessarily have to read like a translation unless it is legal. There are ways to translate a document and make it read smoothly in the target language without changing its original meaning. 


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